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Offering the Best House Cleaning Service in Denver, CO

Top To Bottom Cleaning is able to keep every room spotless with our complete kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and related services. Located in Denver, we serve homes, offices, and other clients, providing both one-time cleanings and regularly scheduled maintenance. Below you will find a brief description of each of our house cleaning services, along with a list of specific jobs that each entails. Special requests, such as inside your oven or refrigerator, basement cleaning, or other areas, may require an extra charge.

Offering professional bathroom cleaning in Denver, CO


We first remove all trash and other items from the floor, shaking out excess dirt and debris from the rugs. The floor is then vacuumed and washed, while any chrome fixtures are thoroughly polished to a beautiful shine. Your towels will also be folded and replaced. Our professional bathroom cleaning checklist includes:

  • All Areas of Sink
  • Backsplash & Faucet Areas
  • Glass Surfaces & Mirrors
  • Lights & Light Switches
  • Cabinet Exteriors
  • Base Boards
  • Walls & Woodwork
  • Windows & Blinds
  • Picture Frames
  • Glass Doors
  • Shower & Shower Frame
  • Bathtub
  • Toilet Inside & Out
  • Tile Around the Toilet


After cleaning any trash and debris from the floor and shaking out any rugs, we take the time to properly wash the floor. We even take care of vacuuming for certain kitchen areas that require it. Our other kitchen cleaning services include:

  • Sinks, Faucets, & Drains
  • Backsplash & Area Around Faucets
  • Glass Surfaces
  • Counters & Items On Counters
  • Lights & Light Switches
  • Cabinet Exteriors
  • Baseboards
  • Walls & Woodwork
  • Windows & Blinds
  • Picture Frames
  • Glass Doors
  • Small & Large Appliances
  • Knobs & Handles
  • Inside Microwaves
  • Drip Pans
  • Stove Hoods
  • Refrigerator Exteriors
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Bedrooms, Living & Dining Rooms

Every room has the floor cleaned thoroughly, including mopping where applicable and vacuuming under area rugs. For bedrooms, we will also make your bed when freshly cleaned sheets are provided. Offering the best house cleaning service in Denver, CO, we are sure to cover every area by moving and working around furniture. These cleanings include:

  • Glass Surfaces
  • Lights & Light Switches
  • Cabinet Exteriors
  • Baseboards & Wood Trim
  • Walls & Woodwork
  • Window Sills
  • Fans, Tops of High Furniture, & Wall Hangings
  • Picture Frames
  • Wood Stairs (Cleaned by Hand)
  • Silk Plants & Leaves
  • Edging Carpets
  • Base Boards
  • Door & Window Frames
  • Blinds (Rotational Basis)

Give the Gift of Cleanliness with a Gift Certificate

What better gift for the overworked parent, spouse, or friend? We have different gift certificate packages to fit different kinds of recipients. Browse our selection to find the perfect one for the special person in your life.

Gift Certificate Template
  • Overwhelmed Clean — A Series of Scheduled Cleans
  • Gimme a Break Clean — For Expecting Moms
  • Recovery Clean — For Those Resting with an Illness
  • Showing Clean — For a House Listed for Sale
  • Tooth Brush Clean — A One-Time, Detailed, Partial or Full House Clean
  • Move In/Out Clean — For a New Owner Or Seller
  • Party Clean — For Before Or After Any Special Event
  • Construction Clean — For When Everything Is Dust Covered After a Project
  • Mother-In-Law Clean — For When That Special Guest Is Expected